Toronto, Ont. – The Ontario government’s plan to require stickers on gasoline pumps advertising the cost of the federal carbon levy is deeply cynical and intentionally misleading. Yes, the carbon levy will increase the costs of gasoline and natural gas, but the Ontario government’s public communications have repeatedly and intentionally omitted the fact that most families will receive rebates that are in excess of the impact of the levy, meaning they will be better off financially.

They also fail to mention that residents will be even more financially rewarded if they take actions to reduce their energy use, which is the point of the carbon levy.

If this government is interested in transparency, we suggest they show Ontarians the evidence to support their “job-killing carbon tax” claims. We suggest they admit that economists agree that carbon pricing is the most cost-effective way to fight climate change. And come clean about the fact that the costs of inaction on climate change far exceed the costs of taking action.

We cannot afford to have our government misleading the public on such an important issue as climate change. The clock is ticking. Canada is warming faster than the rest of the world, the impacts of climate change – flooding, heat waves and wildfires – are hitting home. We need Ontario’s government to stop fighting climate action and start fighting climate change in earnest.

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