Ottawa, Ont. – On Monday April 1, the federal charge and rebate on consumer-level fuels such as home heating fuels and gasoline, kicks in for residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan – the four provinces where the government has refused to implement their own carbon pricing system. Based on the income taxes filed so far, the average family has already been receiving a tax rebate of $249 to $598, depending on the province. Residents in other provinces do not pay the federal carbon price nor will they receive the rebate. Instead, they are subject to the carbon pricing rules in their province.

According to government analysis, eight in ten families will be better off after the rebate. Because revenues from industrial fuel users will be added to the rebate pool, the rebate will usually be higher than any costs paid by households. Generally, lower income families will get much bigger rebates compared to their additional fuel costs.

Carbon pricing is used in more than seventy jurisdictions around the world, and is one of the most efficient ways to reduce climate pollution.

WHAT: Interview opportunities on the federal fuel charge and rebate

WHEN: Friday, March 29 and Monday April 1, 2019

WHERE: Ottawa and Toronto

WHO: Dale Marshall, National Climate Program Manager – Ottawa

Keith Brooks, Program Director – Toronto

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