Toronto, Ont. – Environmental Defence commends the Ontario government on voting in Committee to remove Schedule 10 from Bill 66. This move was in response to the outcry of thousands of Ontarians who care about the precious farmland, drinking water sources and natural areas that could have been opened up to development. This is a major victory for the citizens who put up lawn signs, signed petitions, made calls to their MPPs and rallied outside of their offices. It also speaks to the power of the farmers, businesses and many Municipal leaders who publicly opposed Schedule 10.

Unfortunately, the Ontario government failed to listen to calls from Ontarians and the health sector to remove Schedule 5, which will repeal the Toxics Reduction Act (TRA), the province’s only law addressing reducing the use of toxic chemicals. Instead, the government has chosen to put the interests of big polluters above the health of Ontarians and their communities.

Exposure to toxic chemicals such as hormone disruptors and air pollutants adds billions of dollars in health care costs and significantly increases the burden of chronic diseases such as cancer and asthma. The TRA has helped manufacturing facilities reduce their use and releases of toxics and find cleaner ways of production. By repealing the TRA, the Ontario government is not only undermining its own commitment to tackle pollution as it stated in its new Environment Plan, it is also sending the wrong signal to industry and will encourage them to dump more toxics into our air, water and consumer goods.

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