On Climate Change:

“Leading scientists have said we have 11 years to fully address climate change to avoid disastrous impacts, and yet funding for climate change in this budget does not match the scale of the challenge. Funding for building efficiency, zero emission vehicles, and just transition for workers and communities is welcome, but far from enough. Even worse, the federal government dished out another $100 million to oil and gas companies to improve their environmental performance, something they could accomplish by regulating best practices.”

Dale Marshall, National Climate Program Manager

On the Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy:

“Transportation is one of the biggest sources of carbon pollution in Canada. We welcome incentives to help Canadians shift to clean, zero-emission vehicles, and investments in charging infrastructure. Evidence from Canadian provinces and from around the world shows that incentives work. And since electric vehicle prices are dropping, these incentives are only needed in the short term to help accelerate Canada’s transition to cleaner transportation and cut a major source of carbon pollution.”

Sarah Buchanan, Clean Economy Program Manager

On Reducing Plastic Waste:

“Canada’s aspirational leadership role on plastic pollution is all talk and little action. In spite of the millions in subsidies handed out each year to make more plastics the government failed to commit any funding to meaningful action to stop plastic pollution. Canada needs to invest in innovative solutions to reduce its addiction to throwaway plastics and strengthen its recycling sector.”

Vito A. Buonsante, Plastics Program Manager

On Protecting Freshwater:

“The Great Lakes are a national treasure, but they are under threat. Significant investment is needed to protect the Great Lakes and safeguard the families and businesses that call the region home. Today’s budget fails to reflect this need. In light of President Trump’s proposal to slash US funding for Great Lakes protection by 90 per cent, Canada must step up to defend the lakes we love.”

Kelsey Scarfone, Water Program Manager

For more information: Environmental Defence is a member of the Green Budget Coalition. The Coalition’s recommendations for Budget 2019 can be found here: greenbudget.ca

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