For Immediate Release: March 13, 2019

Statement from Clean Economy Program Manager Sarah Buchanan in response to Ontario’s carbon pricing announcement

Toronto, Ont. – Ontario needs to stop wasting time and money fighting the solutions to climate change, and start fixing the real problem by reducing carbon pollution. It’s time to move on from endless photo ops and legal battles – strong action is needed now to make sure future generations don’t pay for our inaction on climate change.

A price on carbon pollution is a fair way to make polluters pay for the greenhouse gases they pump into the atmosphere. The facts are clear: this tool is reducing greenhouse gas emissions in dozens of countries around the world, and many provinces in Canada, while these economies continue to grow and gain jobs.  And Ontario must agree: the province has quietly proposed its own price on industrial pollution, at the same time as it is fighting this approach in court.

Ontario’s new climate plan is a significant backslide. Compared to the previous plan, Ontario will release enough additional carbon pollution to offset all the progress we made phasing out coal. Fighting against carbon pricing is not a climate plan – it only makes the problem worse.

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