New Report from Environmental Defence outlines eleven solutions Ontario can use to take action on climate change

Toronto, Ont. – Ontario’s government has a wide selection of tools available to cut carbon emissions, while supporting a growing economy and keeping life affordable. Pollution Solutions: Eleven Ways Ontario Can Take Action on Climate Change, released today by Environmental Defence, outlines a range of solutions Ontario can act on right now to cut carbon pollution and protect the future for Ontarians.

Ontario’s new government has acknowledged that climate change is happening, that it’s human caused, and that the province must take action. Ontario said that it will not put a price on carbon, but has promised a new plan to fight climate change. Carbon pricing is an important policy, but it’s not the only one available. As outlined in the report, Ontario has other options that can bring cleaner air, new jobs, and big cuts to the carbon pollution causing climate change.

“Climate change is hitting home in Ontario. This year’s wildfires, flooding and heat waves show the urgent need to take action to reduce carbon pollution,” says Sarah Buchanan, Clean Economy Program Manager at Environmental Defence. “It’s time to move past fighting over carbon pricing and get to work on cutting emissions. Ontario won’t price carbon. Ottawa will. So what exactly does Ontario plan to do? Our report shows that there are solutions at hand.”

The report includes tried-and-true ideas like natural gas conservation, supporting made-in-Ontario clean technology, building more public transit, introducing new programs to reduce pollution from freight vehicles, and creating stronger energy-efficient building standards. These solutions can be implemented now, and many will help reduce energy costs for Ontarians.

Ontario needs a climate change plan that delivers what Ontarians want: clean air, healthy people, good jobs, and a strong economy. This isn’t possible without seriously reducing carbon pollution. The good news is, Ontario has available solutions. Now it’s time to use them.

The full report can be accessed here.

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