Toronto, Ont. – Environmental Defence applauds the federal government for launching a discussion paper on a strategic assessment of climate change. This is a critical step in ensuring that proposed energy and industrial projects are aligned with Canada’s commitments to cut carbon pollution in line with the Paris climate agreement.

Canada is making notable progress in reforming its environmental laws and investing in climate action. But the strategic assessment can’t cut any corners if Canada is to decarbonize its economy, restore public trust in the project review process, and provide industry with the certainty it needs to flourish in the low-carbon future.

To be effective, the strategic assessment for climate change must:

  • Provide real guidance for how individual energy and industrial projects make sense environmentally and economically in a world in which the Paris agreement is achieved.
  • Set out binding ways to align the impact assessments of new projects with Canada’s 2030 climate targets and its Paris commitment to decarbonization by around mid-century.
  • Require the consideration of zero-carbon alternatives in any analysis of a project’s incremental or avoided greenhouse gas emissions
  • Ensure that the public’s views are acted on and Indigenous peoples are meaningfully consulted.
  • Require real transparency and accountability from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

Environmental Defence supports the establishment of an expert advisory panel for the strategic assessment of climate change and looks forward to participating in the process to ensure energy and industrial project reviews are aligned with Canada’s climate commitments.


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