For Immediate Release: June 7, 2017

Toronto, Ont. – We congratulate the State of New York for announcing new rules that will require cleaning product manufacturers to publicly list all ingredients, including fragrance ingredients. The new rules will make New York State the first jurisdiction in North America to require disclosure of all ingredients in household cleaning products.

Starting July 2019, New Yorkers will have information about all of the chemical ingredients in cleaning products, including byproducts and trace-level contaminants, at their fingertips when shopping. Canadian laws, on the other hand, continue to lack full disclosure of toxics in cleaning products, leaving people in the dark about the safety of the products they use to clean their homes.

Canadians deserve the same access to information about ingredients that may be linked to allergies, fertility problems and cancer as New Yorkers as well as Californians whose rules for full on-product labelling will begin in 2020.

By shining a light on the full list of chemicals that make up the products that we use every day, people will be able to make more informed choices that protect them and their children from toxic chemicals.

Full disclosure rules also make economic sense as they help increase demand for greener and safer products and reduce the use of chemicals contributing to costly chronic diseases. In addition, several chemistry and consumer product industry associations in Canada and the U.S. have supported chemical disclosure as consumer demand for information grows.

Last year, a committee of federal MP made a set of recommendations to reform how Canada regulates toxics, including the disclosure of information about harmful chemicals. The federal government promised to respond to these recommendations before the end of the month. It’s about time that our outdated rules for chemical disclosure that favour industry are updated to fulfill the public’s right to know and truly protect consumers.

We urge the federal government to commit to implementing full disclosure rules for consumer products such as cleaning and personal care products.

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