For Immediate Release: January 15, 2018

Statement by Environmental Defence’s Keith Brooks on the Canadian government’s draft carbon pricing legislation

Ottawa, Ont. – The draft legislation unveiled today lays out an effective and fair pan-Canadian carbon pricing system. It’s good to see it moving forward.

Importantly, the proposed system covers all measurable emissions across the economy, requires provinces to match or beat the federal price on carbon, and incentivizes industries to reduce their carbon pollution.

Provinces will not get away with trying to cut corners on carbon pricing. By January 1, 2019, a province will not be able to avoid a price on carbon or rename a gas tax to call it a carbon tax. Carbon pricing will have to be implemented in addition to other climate policies for Canada to achieve its commitments under the Paris Agreement. Provinces that try to dodge their full responsibility, as New Brunswick and Saskatchewan have recently proposed, will need to strengthen their carbon pricing approach or face the federal backstop.

The federal legislation ensures that a carbon tax of at least $20/tonne will be applied across all provinces and fossil fuels by 2019 and that rigorous annual reviews are undertaken to gauge progress and make course corrections. While promising to return all carbon pricing revenues to provinces, the federal government plans to retain discretion to allocate those revenues as it sees fit in provinces that don’t agree to the federal backstop.

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