Statement by Environmental Defence’s Dale Marshall on today’s release of the Saskatchewan climate plan

Ottawa, Ont. – Not setting a carbon reduction target in its climate plan shows that the Saskatchewan government doesn’t take the fight against climate change seriously.

While Saskatchewan’s climate change plan includes some good proposals – notably on implementing renewable energy and reducing methane emissions – it not only omits a climate reduction target, but also misses the mark on two of the province’s biggest challenges: phasing out coal power and putting a price on carbon.

Coal-fired power plants remain one of the province’s biggest sources of carbon emissions and carbon capture and storage is not up to the challenge in addressing that pollution. Saskatchewan needs to phase out coal-fired power just as the rest of Canada must.

Saskatchewan must also implement carbon pricing. A broad-based carbon price that increases over time gives incentives for industry, governments, and citizens to move towards cleaner forms of energy and transportation.

The proposal to regulate methane emissions from oil and gas companies is welcome, but the province needs to first determine true pollution levels if it wants to fully address the problem. Recent research shows that methane emissions from oil and gas facilities are much higher than currently reported by industry or government.

The federal government must ensure that Saskatchewan takes responsibility for those significant sources of carbon emissions. If the province does not take action on carbon pricing, phasing out coal power by 2030, or implementing equivalent methane regulations, the Canadian government will have to ensure that federal rules apply.

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