Statement by Environmental Defence’s Patrick DeRochie on TransCanada’s decision to cancel the Energy East pipeline

Toronto, Ont. – The message from today’s cancellation of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline is loud and clear: new tar sands pipelines don’t make sense – economically or environmentally – in a world that is addressing climate change and moving away from fossil fuels.

The reason for Energy East’s cancellation is simple: New pipelines can’t be justified during a time of declining investment in the tar sands, North American pipeline overcapacity, and an unstoppable transition to renewable energy.

TransCanada’s decision to pull the plug is good news for the climate. Energy East would have carried 1.1 million barrels per day of some of the dirtiest oil in the world, resulting in an additional 236 million tonnes of carbon pollution per year being dumped into the air.

The proposed pipeline was at odds with Canada’s commitment to tackle climate change and the global effort to prevent dangerous global warming. Energy East would have locked Canada into a high-carbon future, because once fossil fuel infrastructure is built, there is a powerful rationale to use it.

Today brings good news for communities, First Nations, and Canadians along the pipeline route who took a stand against Energy East. The pipeline failed to respect Indigenous rights and title and would have put the drinking water of millions of Canadians at risk of an oil spill.

Canada’s tar sands are among the highest cost and highest carbon oil reserves in the world. As the global effort to fight climate change accelerates and oil demand is displaced by new technologies like electric cars, tar sands oil will be among the first to go. It’s time for Canada to turn the corner on further tar sands development. Instead of pipelines, tar sands and tankers, let’s focus on building a clean economy.

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