Ottawa, Ont. – The environment commissioner’s report shows that the federal government needs to work harder if Canada is going to meet or exceed its climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. Though progress has been made over the last two years, Canada is still not on track to meeting its greenhouse gas reduction target.

The federal government has made some significant commitments on climate change, but when drafting policy, they have weakened and watered down the policies compared to the original intent. The regulations to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, for example, need to fully come into force by 2020 rather than having parts delayed for another six years. Carbon pricing needs to apply to all carbon sources – not give loopholes to Canadian industries. Moreover, the federal government needs to put into place strong oversight mechanisms and regular reporting to ensure that Canada gets and stays on track to its commitments.

Also, given that we are increasingly seeing the destructive impacts of climate change – such as record wildfires, massive hurricanes, and devastating floods – the federal government needs to produce and implement a comprehensive climate adaptation plan. It’s very worrisome that the federal departments responsible for infrastructure, agriculture, parks and others, have not yet assessed the risks to their operations from climate change.

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