For Immediate Release: June 1, 2017

Statement by Environmental Defence’s Dale Marshall on U.S. President Donald Trump announcing plans to withdraw from the Paris Agreement

Ottawa, ON – Today is a bleak day for global diplomacy and the fight against climate change. But a U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement will not scuttle the global climate agreement or slow down global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will result in the U.S. becoming isolated on the global stage. One man cannot stall the strong global momentum on the Paris Agreement and international action to cut carbon pollution. No other country has expressed doubt about the Paris Agreement or suggested it would join the U.S. in withdrawing from it. In fact, many leaders have said their countries will step up action if President Trump pulls back on U.S. commitments.

Any pullback from action on climate change holds greater risks than rewards for the American economy. Renewable energy prices will continue to fall, energy efficiency innovation and low emission transportation will become the global norm. Reduced U.S. investment in research and development or in the deployment of these technologies means that other countries can seize the opportunity presented by the clean economy. Many U.S. states, cities, companies and citizens recognize this risk and will take action to protect their companies, jobs and environment.

Canada should continue to move forward with ambitious action on climate change in order to seize these economic opportunities and help fill the void left by the U.S withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. The Canadian government should implement the pan-Canadian framework on climate change, and work with U.S. states, other like-minded allies in the U.S., and climate champions from around the world to further propel the clean energy revolution and show continued leadership on climate change.

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