For Immediate Release: May 25, 2017

Statement by Environmental Defence’s Dale Marshall on Canada’s proposed methane regulations

Ottawa, ON — We welcome the federal government’s continued commitment to regulate methane emissions from Canada’s oil and gas sector. Reducing methane emissions is one of the cheapest ways available to lower greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. It is also the only measure in Canada’s climate plan that focuses on the country’s largest source of carbon emissions — the oil and gas industry.

However, it is disappointing that the oil and gas industry’s lobbying for weaker methane provisions appears to be successful. In particular, pushing back the full implementation of the methane regulations from the promised start in 2020 to 2023 means the unnecessary release of an additional 55 million tonnes of carbon emissions between now and when the regulations reach their final target. Also, reducing inspections and maintenance of oil and gas facilities from four to three times per year means methane leaks will go undetected for longer, spew more greenhouse gases, and pose a greater risk to public health.

These weak measures need to be fixed to allow Canada to do its part to fight climate change and to fully catch up to major oil-producing U.S. states whose methane regulations — already in place — are stronger than Canada’s proposed ones. The federal government needs to plug the 55 million tonne hole in these regulations, and make the oil and gas industry take responsibility for its impact on the environment and human health.

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