Toronto, ON — Environmental Defence is pleased to see that the Ontario Fair Housing Plan contains real solutions to the housing affordability issues affecting the Greater Golden Horseshoe region. The 16 solutions will go a long way to cool the market and make housing more affordable for all Ontarians.

Last week, 20 of Ontario’s most respected housing advocates, social justice and environmental organizations including Environmental Defence and former Toronto Mayor David Crombie, released a joint letter to the Premier calling on the province to take action to make housing more affordable.  The effort paid off as several of our recommendations were taken into consideration, including:

– Update to rent control on buildings built after 1991;

– Implementation of a land speculation tax to lessen international speculation distorting the housing market;

– Continued commitment to smart growth and complete community development to ensure a broader mix of housing options are available to Ontarians of all income levels;

– Support for maintaining the Greenbelt to protect Ontario’s natural heritage and prime farmland though better land use planning and an updated Growth Plan.

It is also important to note that Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan emphasized that Ontario’s Growth Plan, put in place in 2006, has ensured that there is enough serviced land within the Greater Golden Horseshoe to accommodate development to 2031, despite claims to the contrary by the development industry in recent months.

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