Statement by Environmental Defence’s Dale Marshall on the pan-Canadian climate change framework

Ottawa, ON – This is a big deal; Canada finally has a climate change framework that has broad buy-in from provinces. Whether it’s coal-fired power, homes and buildings, or personal vehicles, the plan puts Canada on the path to phasing out fossil fuels over time and replacing them with clean, renewable energy.

However, 20 per cent of the path to Canada’s 2030 carbon reduction target remains vaguely defined in a category called “additional measures.” In order to make sure this gap is fully filled with domestic reductions – and not the purchase of international credits – the federal and provincial governments need to reach for the greatest ambition when implementing policies. This should include continuing to increase the carbon price after 2022, but also making regulations as stringent as possible.

Today’s agreement is a great first step. To get on track to Canada’s 2030 targets and achieve decarbonisation by mid-century, the government must begin as soon as possible to implement the framework. Canada also needs strong and concrete measures to track progress on reducing emissions, and a mechanism to ratchet up action and ambition over time.

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