Toronto, ON – The Trans Mountain Expansion Ministerial Panel’s report to the Natural Resources Minister is the latest example of the need for the federal government to reject the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline and tankers project.

The report highlights that serious questions remain about how the pipeline fits with the government’s commitments on climate change, First Nations reconciliation, and social license for fossil fuel projects. It is a stark reminder of the deficiencies in the National Energy Board (NEB) review and does not provide the basis for a Cabinet approval of Kinder Morgan.

The report demonstrates that there isn’t social license for Kinder Morgan. The Panel concludes “there remains a strong public perception that there were significant gaps in the NEB review and a sincere concern about the social, economic and environmental impacts of the Trans Mountain Pipeline proposal.” The report clearly shows a worrying disconnect between the concerns of Canadians along the pipeline route and Kinder Morgan’s insistence that crude oil can be transported responsibly.

Rejecting Kinder Morgan and restarting the review process after reforming the NEB is the only viable option for the federal government.

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