Statement by Tim Gray, Environmental Defence’s Executive Director, on the tabling of the Oil Sands Emissions Limit Act by the Alberta government

Toronto, ON – Today Alberta became the first major oil-producing jurisdiction in the world to legislate a cap on carbon emissions from its industry. This demonstrates that the government of Alberta recognizes the severity of the climate change crisis and seeks to be a partner in Canada’s efforts to reduce overall emissions.

The 100 MT emission limit gives certainty regarding the maximum emissions level that will ever occur from the oil sands. It therefore puts in place a strong incentive for the oil industry to reduce emissions per barrel of oil produced if further development is to occur.

This legislation is a cornerstone of Alberta’s Climate Leadership plan. It will provide an insurance policy against oil sands emissions increases while other actions work to reduce emissions, e.g. carbon pricing, coal phase-out, energy conservation efforts, renewable energy deployment and methane regulations. Together, these policies will help retool the Alberta economy and contribute to a cleaner, innovative future for Canada.

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