Toronto, ON – The hydro power agreement between Ontario and Quebec is a step in the right direction, but there’s more to do to make Ontario’s electricity supply fully renewable and sustainable.

The agreement signed today clearly demonstrates that hydro from Quebec is an option for meeting Ontario’s electricity needs. The province shouldn’t shy away from building new transmission lines and importing more hydro power, if it can deliver energy at lower costs and with lower environmental risks than natural gas or nuclear power. Building a clean, renewable and flexible electricity grid must be top of mind as the province begins consultations on Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan.

Storing surplus electricity in Quebec’s hydro reservoirs, instead of selling it at a loss, makes a lot of sense. Hydro can act as a battery for wind and solar power, and more hydro enhances Ontario’s ability to fulfil its energy needs with renewable power from all available sources.

This agreement will lead to further emissions reductions from the electricity sector by allowing the province to reduce its reliance on natural gas. Natural gas may be cleaner than coal, but it’s still a fossil fuel. Meeting Ontario’s commitments to reduce carbon pollution means phasing out the use of fossil fuels over time.

It’s also good to see greater integration between provincial electricity grids. More interconnections between the provinces will enhance Canada’s ability to meet the nation’s energy needs with renewable sources.

The decarbonisation of our electricity supply is one of the surest paths to a low-carbon, clean economy. The cost of renewable energy is dropping rapidly. Ontario has come a long way in cleaning up the electricity mix. Now is the time to commit to a 100 per cent renewable energy future. More hydro from Quebec is another step towards that goal.

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