Toronto, ON – Today Environmental Defence released a checklist of 13 critical actions for how the Ontario government can improve the draft Greenbelt and Growth Plans.

“Ontario’s proposed amendments to the Greenbelt and Growth Plans are a good start but don’t go far enough to protect and grow the Greenbelt or put an end to rampant sprawl,” said Erin Shapero, Greenbelt and Smart Growth Senior Program Manager, Environmental Defence. “These 13 actions would fix the Plans to ensure a stronger Greenbelt that protects farmland and ecosystems, and encourage compact urban growth that is better for our economy and climate.”

“The development industry is putting enormous pressure on the province to weaken the Growth Plan and remove farmland, forests and rivers from the Greenbelt’s protection. We urge the province not to bow to this pressure and keep their promise to protect the Greenbelt forever. These proposed actions will protect vulnerable water supplies, support local agriculture and enable vibrant, mixed-use, public transit-supported communities that Ontarians want,” adds Shapero.

Accompanying the checklist is a report card that fully evaluates the province’s proposed amendments to the Greenbelt and Growth Plans. The report card gives the province’s proposed amendments an overall grade of B-.

The province’s proposed amendments to the Greenbelt and Growth Plans are open for public consultation until October 31st.

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