Toronto, ON —The review of the Long-Term Energy Plan will profoundly impact Ontario’s efforts to fight climate change. Now is the time for the province to commit to the long-term goal of completely decarbonising the electricity grid and moving to 100 per cent renewable energy by mid-century.

Clean, renewable energy is the surest – and cheapest – pathway to a low-carbon economy. Natural gas is cleaner than coal, but natural gas is a fossil fuel. Fighting climate change means phasing out fossil fuels, and that means getting rid of natural gas.

Renewable energy prices are dropping while the cost of nuclear power is rising. Prices for wind power in Ontario have already dropped by 66 per cent and are projected to drop by another 50 per cent over the next ten years. Meanwhile, Ontario Power Generation wants to increase the price it receives for nuclear power by 180 per cent during that same time period. Solar power prices have come down even more dramatically than wind. In some places, solar power is now the cheapest form of energy available, period.

As part of this review, the real prices paid for different sources of power must be made public so Ontarians can have an informed conversation about what’s behind rising electricity bills. Renewable energy is only responsible for a small fraction of electricity costs. 

Ontario’s leadership in supporting renewable energy has paid off. Ontario leads Canada in wind and solar development, and is home to half of clean tech spending in this country, which returns billions of dollars to our economy and sustains tens of thousands of jobs.  Ontarians also overwhelmingly support renewable energy. In a recent poll by EKOS, 80 per cent of Ontarians said they want to see more renewable energy in the future. The Long-Term Energy Plan must reflect that.

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