Ottawa, ON – Today is an important milestone in the global fight against climate change. With the European Union ratifying the Paris Agreement, the threshold for the Agreement to become international law has now been passed, and the Agreement is set to become international law in 30 days. The fact so many countries have ratified the global accord on climate change less than a year after the Paris conference is a clear sign that the world is taking climate change seriously, and that we can still decarbonize the global economy and avoid dangerous levels of climate change.

The path for Canada is clear. This is the time – finally – where Canada must meet its global commitments and do its fair share in the greatest challenge we face. The Canadian government and the provinces and territories must implement policies and programs to meet and exceed Canada’s carbon reduction target. That includes putting a price on carbon along with many other measures: phasing out dirty coal, cutting methane emissions in half, fostering clean energy and the electric vehicle revolution, and putting an end to governments giving money to fossil fuel companies in the form of subsidies.

The Paris Agreement is not just for after 2020. There will be an emphasis over the short term for countries to ramp up ambition before 2020. After 10 years of inaction, and with Canada playing catch up, Canada more than most other countries must step up with bold action. Action and results will determine if Canada is truly back or not.

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