Toronto, ON – The indefinite postponement of National Energy Board (NEB) hearings for Energy East is the latest sign that the review process for major energy projects is completely broken. It’s clear that we need a fundamental overhaul of the NEB.

The NEB commissioners who met with TransCanada need to recuse themselves immediately. Additionally, the Energy East review process needs to be put on hold until the federal government completes the planned reform of the NEB and review of Canada’s environmental laws and processes.

The government has acknowledged that the process is flawed. It makes no sense then to review the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed using a broken process.

There were serious doubts about the Energy East review from the get-go. Now is the time for the federal government to pull the plug. Ottawa has to overhaul the NEB and then restart the Energy East process. That’s the only credible way to ensure an objective review.

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