Ottawa, ON – The Fraser Institute’s new report reaffirms that unlike many Canadians, Canadian elected officials, and tar sands companies, the conservative think tank does not see any merit in tackling climate change or reducing the carbon emissions that create it.

The report finds that the cap Alberta placed on emissions from the tar sands would reduce emissions by up to 236 Mt over 13 years, a total equivalent to over 30 per cent of Canada’s current annual emissions. This shows that the Alberta cap will do what it is supposed to – constrain growth in emissions from Canada’s fastest growing source of carbon emissions.

Rather than celebrate the cap as another step in the fight against climate change, the report looks only at lost revenue from constraining emissions and, potentially, production. However, economic analyses have consistently shown that the cost of doing nothing on climate change is higher than the cost of action – a fact entirely neglected in the Fraser Institute’s analysis. The only conclusion one can draw is that the Fraser Institute will continue to oppose any and all policies to address climate change regardless of the costs and benefits to Canadians.

The Fraser Institute continues to cling to high cost, high carbon fuels at a time when Canada should be looking to power our economy with safe, clean, modern renewable energy. As other countries around the world benefit from the renewable energy boom, Canada risks being left behind if we don’t adapt.

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