Toronto, ON – Today’s press conference today by TransCanada and associations representing pipeline contractors and construction workers is just the latest exaggeration of the employment and economic benefits of the proposed Energy East pipeline project.

TransCanada has consistently misled Canadians about the number of jobs Energy East would create and continues to downplay the jobs it would put at risk, such as those in tourism and fisheries. The 4,600 km tar sands pipeline, which would traverse thousands of rivers and lakes across six provinces, threatens many more jobs than it would create.

TransCanada’s own projections show that the Energy East pipeline would create just 33 long-term direct jobs in Quebec, just 114 in Ontario, and just 132 in New Brunswick. A report to the Ontario Energy Board concluded that the risks of Energy East far outweigh the economic benefits to Ontario.

More than 5,000 fishermen and their families rely on the Bay of Fundy for employment. Any oil spill from Energy East could permanently harm fish, lobster and scallop populations in the Bay, threatening local livelihoods and the economy. Tourism is one of the pillars of the Maritime economy – almost one in ten jobs in New Brunswick depends on it. Whale watching, fishing villages, and unique destinations like Fundy National Park are major draws, which would be put at risk by Energy East’s additional tanker traffic.

Building new tar sands pipelines that put our water, wildlife, and shared climate at risk is not the way to create jobs as the world moves away from fossil fuels. Instead, we need to build a just transition to a clean economy that provides opportunities for workers, First Nations and communities across the country.

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