Ottawa, ON – Today Canada, the United States and Mexico made several far-reaching commitments on energy that will help the continent show greater leadership in the global fight against climate change.

Adding Mexico to the Canada-U.S. agreement to cut methane emissions from oil and gas, agriculture, and waste by 40 to 45 per cent in a decade is particularly promising given that methane is a potent greenhouse gas. This continental initiative could inspire other oil and gas producing countries to follow suit, leading to globally significant reductions in emissions that cause climate change.

Other commitments would, if implemented, also significantly reduce carbon emissions. These include aligning energy efficiency regulations to the highest continental standard, federal governments purchasing clean cars and clean power for their operations, and improving the fuel efficiency of freight vehicles.

The alignment between North American leaders could set up the three countries for greater action in the future. Canada should be looking to maximize ambition as it jointly works with the U.S. and Mexico to develop a just transition strategy for workers and communities, to undertake a study on adding more renewable electricity to the grid, and to take action on black carbon and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Unfortunately, the three leaders postponed the full elimination of fossil fuel subsidies until 2025. This commitment was made at the G20 seven years ago and we shouldn’t have to wait another nine years for governments to stop funneling money to fossil fuel polluters.

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