Toronto, ON – Today, Canada’s National Energy Board released a list of groups and individuals authorized to intervene in the Energy East review process. Environmental Defence is listed among the approved intervenors.

The Energy East pipeline is bad for Canada’s environment and economy. As participants in the review process, we will highlight that Energy East is not in the best interests of Canadians and should not be approved.

The proposal to pump 1.1 million barrels of oil per day across 2,963 bodies of water in four provinces puts the drinking water of over 5 million Canadians at risk. The oil needed to fill Energy East would likely exceed Alberta’s oil sands emissions cap, and make it next to impossible for Canada to meet its commitment to keep global temperatures from increasing more than 1.5 C.

This project will do little for the Canadian economy. Any price impacts of reaching tidewater have evaporated. The pipeline will create very few permanent jobs, while it puts so many jobs and communities at risk.

Instead of wasting more resources on the pursuit of this high-carbon pipedream, it’s time for Canada to make good on the commitment to fight climate change and to capture the opportunities presented by the clean economy.

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