Toronto, ON – As Earth Month comes to a close, a new report will be released at a media event on Wednesday that looks at the toll plastic pollution is having on the Great Lakes and offers some solutions to this pollution.

The report Turning the Plastic Tide: How to Protect the Great Lakes and Fight Plastic Pollution outlines a plan that would make polluters pay, would charge a fair price for industrial water use, and would protect the Great Lakes for current and future generations.

Studies have found an alarming concentration of more than six million bits of plastic per square kilometre in the Great Lakes—rivalling the amount of plastic floating in the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WHERE:  Northwest corner of Don Roadway at Villier St. near Keating Channel (see Google map)

TIME: 11:15 a.m.

WHO: Keith Brooks, Clean Economy Program Director with Environmental Defence; Natalija Fisher, Water Program Manager with Environmental Defence; Hon. Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change; Bryan Gilvesy from Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS); and students from Voice Integrative School in Toronto.

WHAT: The launch of a new Environmental Defence report which outlines solutions to help reduce plastic pollution in the Great Lakes. Representatives from Ontario’s farming community, and Ontario’s youth will also share their concerns about the proliferation of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes.

PHOTO OP: Kids filling up a large wire water bottle sculpture with plastic bottles, holding up posters they created, and making a presentation to Ontario’s Environment Minister. Environmental experts speaking about the problem of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes.

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