Ottawa, ON – In today’s budget, the federal government has made important investments in the environment, showing a promising future for climate action and environmental protection in Canada.

Significant investments in public transit, infrastructure projects such as electric vehicle charging stations, clean energy research and development as well as the creation of a Low Carbon Economy Fund could allow Canada to cut carbon emissions and fulfill its climate obligations under the U.N. Paris Agreement.

On World Water Day, it is welcome news that after years of declining Great Lakes budget, Canada has committed to funding the science needed to find solutions to costly threats to our freshwater ecosystems and drinking water, including algal blooms in Lake Erie. The additional funding will help inform a domestic action plan for reducing phosphorus pollution.

However, gaps remain, such as a concrete timeline for the complete phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies (only one subsidy was identified for phase-out for liquefied natural gas). The federal government can also complement important spending initiatives with regulatory policies on climate, the environmental assessment process, water, and toxic chemicals.

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