Vancouver, BC – The climate change framework and workplan unveiled today by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an important step and a welcome change that enables the federal government to develop an effective climate strategy.

To succeed in tackling climate change over the coming years, the federal strategy must take a science-based approach that strives to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, a commitment championed in Paris by federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna. The strategy must include a minimum pan-Canadian carbon price, invest in clean technologies, mobilize a full suite of proven tools and policies, and be completed within the established 6-month timeline.

Developing the climate strategy cannot be a bottom-up exercise that is only a sum of what sectors, industries, and provinces are willing to do. Instead, it must reach for the greatest possible carbon emissions reductions. The federal government has the legal authority to meet international commitments and a clear obligation to regulate carbon emissions and therefore it must act. The Canadian government should also hear from Canadians through town hall meetings from coast to coast.

With this approach, the federal government can keep its promise to set and meet new carbon reduction targets that are consistent with our international commitments and help further build our growing clean economy. This is good news for Canadians and our climate.

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