TORONTO, ON – We are encouraged that the federal government is finally listening to the concerns of Canadians with its new transitional pipeline review process. However, it doesn’t make sense that Energy East would fall under anything but a completely reformed process.

As Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr acknowledged, the National Energy Board (NEB) hasn’t yet deemed the Energy East application complete; the review has not begun. If the transitional process is just for projects under review, it shouldn’t apply to Energy East.

Today’s announcement acknowledges that serious flaws in Canada’s review process for energy projects have eroded public trust and endangered the safety of communities and the environment. It’s clear that the rubber stamp approval of large energy projects and pipelines can’t continue.

We welcome these new design principles for a review process that assesses the full climate impacts of all infrastructure proposals, enables meaningful and ongoing public participation, and ensures the ability of Indigenous Peoples to exercise their decision-making authority.

The adoption of a new climate test is significant. Major energy and infrastructure projects must be assessed against Canada’s commitment to keep global temperatures below 1.5 degrees. This is the only way that Canada will be able to get on track to cut our carbon pollution and keep our promises.

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