TORONTO, ON – Facing growing opposition, TransCanada’s Energy East project appears to be dead in the water, even before the regulatory review has started.

Today’s rejection by Montreal-area mayors representing almost 4 million people is just the latest addition to the broad and growing opposition to the risky Energy East pipeline and tanker proposal.

Public opinion polls show most residents are now opposed to Energy East across eastern Canada. Ninety-two per cent of participants in a municipal consultation in the Montreal area opposed the project.

It’s a ‘no’ at every level, as Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre pointedly said today on behalf of the mayors of all 82 Montreal area municipalities, the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM).

Montreal region mayors stated that their detailed review showed that Energy East’s environmental risks outweigh any marginal economic benefits. This is the same conclusion the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) came to in its project review.

Both reviews by the OEB and CMM concluded that the project fails to meet the conditions laid out by the Ontario and Quebec governments for Energy East. Currently, the Quebec government is completing its own environmental review that may come to similar conclusions.

The newly elected federal government must fulfill its promise to put Energy East through a new and rigorous regulatory review that addresses the concerns of Canadians. However, with such clear and unconditional opposition from both citizens and governments in directly impacted communities, it’s already clear that Energy East should not be built.

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