Toronto, ON – Today Environmental Defence launched a new report that lays out the critical role Canada could play at the United Nations (U.N.) summit in Paris next week. The report also describes the key issues that will be discussed at the U.N. climate summit (COP21).

The Paris climate summit is expected to deliver a global agreement on climate change. The federal government can lend momentum to the talks by strengthening Canada’s climate commitments and supporting the most ambitious options at the negotiating table.

“Canada’s current pledge for Paris is inadequate. It’s the weakest in the G7,” says Dale Marshall of Environmental Defence. “The new federal government has said it wants to do better. Paris is the opportunity for the new federal government to clearly show our international partners that Canada will do much more to fight climate change and support global climate action.”

The new report, Canada’s Role at COP21, explains the essential elements of a Paris climate agreement and how Canada can make it a strong one. The issues discussed include:

Post-2020 carbon emission reduction targets

Financing to assist poor, developing countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change, including a dedicated Loss and Damage fund to help countries address impacts, such as sea level rise, that are too severe to be managed through adaptation

A mechanism to regularly assess global climate commitments and ratchet up those efforts in the near-term

A long-term global goal to get the world off fossil fuels entirely

“The new government has promised that Canada would do its fair share and take action that is in line with climate science. We need to see that in Paris,” Marshall added.

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