Edmonton, AB – Today is a historic moment for Alberta. This is a commitment to tangible and aggressive climate action. We applaud Alberta for this huge change in direction.

Based on this announcement, Alberta’s carbon pollution could soon peak and start to decline. This is a fundamental pivot after years of uncontrolled carbon pollution growth and it removes one of the largest barriers to developing a meaningful Canadian climate strategy.

The cap on tar sands emissions is a game changer. The tar sands have been the fastest growing source of emissions in Canada. Now we know that growth will stop.

Today Alberta also signalled it will make use of a market-based solution, by joining other provinces in charging for carbon pollution. This means that 86 per cent of Canada’s economy and nearly 80 per cent of the country’s carbon pollution will soon be under a carbon price. (Carbon pricing is also in effect in British Columbia and Quebec and will soon be in Ontario as well.)

There is now nothing standing in the federal government’s way to develop a credible climate strategy and follow Alberta’s lead by setting a limit on carbon pollution in Canada. Canada can now move ahead and fulfill its promise to cut carbon pollution in line with global science-based targets.

Today’s announcement is very good news for Albertans and Canadians. It will help protect us all from dangerous climate change, set the scene for Canada to restore our good name, and places the country and the province in a solid position to harness the opportunities for growth in a clean economy.

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