TORONTO, ON – Today’s decision by TransCanada to abandon its plans for an Energy East tanker terminal anywhere in Quebec will make it even harder for the company to find support for its massive pipeline proposal.

This news confirms that Energy East wouldn’t deliver a meaningful number of jobs to Quebec. However, Energy East would put the land and drinking water of countless Quebec communities at risk while harming our climate through reckless tar sands expansion.

Quebec residents, like many Canadians in the path of this proposed export pipeline, are realizing that Energy East isn’t worth these risks. It is no surprise public opposition is growing.

TransCanada cancelled its planned Quebec terminal in part due to the threat to endangered whales. But by routing all of Energy East’s tanker traffic through the Bay of Fundy, the company is merely moving the threat to a different population of whales. Now up to 90 per cent of Energy East’s oil would be exported via the ecologically sensitive Bay of Fundy that is home to 12 whale species.

Today’s late change in plans also undermines the National Energy Board’s premature push for hearings on Energy East. TransCanada filed its first application draft for Energy East a year ago, but is still announcing major changes in its plans. We call on the NEB to suspend the review immediately.

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