TORONTO, ON – TransCanada is clearly desperate to avoid an inevitable rejection for its Keystone XL proposal. For years, TransCanada has complained publicly about delays from the Obama administration over a decision on Keystone XL. It’s absurd that the same company now seeks a delay when it appears the decision won’t go its way.

The massive tar sands pipeline project has faced immovable opposition due to the significant risks it poses to water, land and our climate. Communities along the pipeline route have joined with millions of concerned citizens across North America in seeking a rejection over the past six years.

President Obama has everything he needs to reject this risky pipeline now. Calls for strong action to protect our shared climate and public opposition to new pipelines and reckless tar sands expansion grow louder every day.

The best way for Canada and the U.S. to move forward in building a cleaner, safer and more prosperous future is to reject dirty fossil fuel projects like Keystone XL and invest in solutions to the climate crisis. Why not start today?

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