Volkswagen cheated the regulatory system to exceed a standard that was put in place to protect human health and the environment. With diesel pollutants like nitrogen dioxide contributing to asthma and lung disease, it’s time that we look at the human cost of the scandal.

The car manufacturer has to pay the price for its deceit. But the financial costs Volkswagen faces can scarcely be compared to the impacts lung diseases and respiratory problems have on the lives of Canadians. Asthma alone affects 8.5 per cent of Canadians age 12 and over.

107,000 Volkswagen diesel engine cars in Canada are affected by the manipulations. A sales stop has been issued by the company but so far no recall has been required by the Canadian authorities.

Environmental Defence calls on Environment Canada and Transport Canada to speedily complete the federal investigation and issue an immediate recall order. This type of deception sets a bad example at a time when companies should be making strides in reducing air pollution. It is up to Environment Canada and Transport Canada to show that deceiving regulators to pollute the air with harmful contaminants is unacceptable.

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