We applaud presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton for becoming the latest political leader to conclude that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline is too risky. Whether it’s carbon emissions, impacts on farmland or drinking water – the risks are simply unacceptable.

This decision shows that political leaders in the U.S. and around the world are realizing that we cannot continue to build fossil fuel infrastructure that will be around for generations. But it is also a clear sign that the public is looking for clean energy solutions rather than more high risk fossil fuel development. As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton appeared to communicate that she was in favour of the project but has clearly changed her mind based on mounting evidence of harm and public opposition.

Canadian political leaders should take note of her views given that the same risks apply to massive pipeline proposals like Energy East, Northern Gateway and Kinder-Morgan’s Trans Mountain. Large segments of the Canadian public are opposed to the unacceptable risks to our water and our climate that  these pipeline proposals represent. Polls have shown that a large majority of Canadians support the continued shift towards clean, renewable energy that holds greater economic opportunity.

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