Toronto, ON – We applaud Quebec for committing to establishing a 2030 target for greenhouse gas reductions. This is a positive step, and well timed in the lead up to the United Nations climate talks in Paris later this year.
At the national level, Canada has not been doing its fair share to reduce emissions. Thankfully many provinces, including Quebec, are stepping up and accepting the climate challenge. The federal situation may change given that there is an election between now and Paris, but regardless of who forms the next federal government, it’s encouraging to know that at least some provincial leaders will go to Paris with something constructive to offer.
Quebec is the second Canadian province to set out 2030 targets. In May, Ontario established its 2030 target of 37 per cent below 1990.
While the exact target has still to be finalized, we would encourage Quebec to adopt the most ambitious target being considered, namely 40 per cent reductions by 2030, which would put the province closer on track to being carbon neutral by mid-century. We must urgently move to reduce carbon pollution in order to limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius.
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