You may have noticed some photos along the Kenora greenbelt. Transition Initiative Kenora is hosting Robert Van Waarden’s ‘Along the Pipeline’ exhibit. Teika Newton explains.
 “It’s a collection of 16 curated photos by Robert Van Waarden who is an international climate and travel photographer. He did a project last summer that was sponsored by Environmental Defense Canada and Green Peace where he travelled from Hardisty Alberta to St. John New Brunswick along the route of the energy east pipeline,” she said.
She said Van Waarden took black and white portraits of people who live along the pipeline and captured their stories.
“He took portraits of people along the way, so black and white photos of people who are living along the route of the pipeline, and he just captured their stories. Some of the people were for the pipeline and some where against it but it’s just documenting the people who are in the path of this pipeline. So now the exhibit is touring Canada. It went through Quebec earlier in the summer and other parts of Ontario this month and now it’s here for the long weekend,” she said.
The exhibit will run until Tuesday.…