St. John’s, Newfoundland – An Environmental Defence spokesperson is in St. John’s today and available for interviews about the Canadian energy strategy, which is supposed to be finalized at the Council of the Federation meeting, an annual meeting of Canada’s provincial and territorial premiers.
Canadian premiers are in St. John’s for a two-day summit. The energy strategy, which has been under development since 2012, is a major agenda item at the premiers’ meeting. The strategy has important implications for clean energy development and action on climate change in Canada. In particular, there is the risk that oil pipelines may be green-lit or even fast-tracked in exchange for vague or weak commitments on climate change action.
This week Environmental Defence released a backgrounder that highlights important and contentious issues that are being considered in the energy strategy.
WHAT: Environmental Defence spokesperson available for interviews in St. John’s about the Canadian energy strategy and the Council of the Federation meeting.
WHEN: TODAY – Friday July 17
WHO: Dale Marshall, National Program Manager, Environmental Defence
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