Toronto, ON – Support for Energy East is incompatible with climate action.
The province’s important work to tackle the issue of climate change is too important to allow it to be compromised by support for the Energy East tar sands pipeline proposal.
Ontario would see its progress on carbon pollution eradicated by the expansion of the tar sands facilitated by Energy East. Climate leadership for Canada means that Canada’s emissions must decline overall, not just go down in some provinces and massively up in others. Canadians want overall climate action, not Balkanization.
Ontario has put significant effort and resources into tackling the climate issue. This week’s Climate Summit of the Americas was a great success, helping to unite international allies in the fight against carbon pollution. Ontario’s own climate strategy and plans to put a price on carbon represent significant leadership in Canada.
Why would Ontario undermine those efforts by throwing support behind Energy East? The proposal could create the largest oil pipeline in North America, and would increase Canada’s climate pollution equivalent to putting seven million new cars on the road.
Energy East is about making rapid expansion of tar sands production possible, not getting oil to Canadians. That expansion would destroy Canada’s ability to meaningfully reduce its carbon pollution and neutralizes all of the important work done by Ontario and Quebec to cut their carbon pollution at home. 
The economic benefits for Ontario are also highly questionable. A report from the Mowat Centre commissioned by the Ontario Energy Board indicated that the benefits projected for Ontario may be over-estimated.
Taking the climate crisis seriously means not building major new fossil fuel infrastructure that would lock us into decades of rising emissions.
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