With summer just around the corner, Canadians are ready to enjoy the water. The good news: there are more Blue Flag beaches and marinas than ever before, with 26 beaches and six marinas certified this year.

In order to fly the Blue Flag, beaches and marinas must meet a strict set of criteria under four categories:


  • Environmental education



  • Water quality



  • Environmental management



  • Safety and services



The program originated in France in 1985. The program is now operated internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Denmark and is administered by Environmental Defence in Canada. Now, 30 years later, Blue Flags fly at over 4,000 beaches and marinas in 49 countries around the world.

In Canada, the program continues to grow every year, celebrating communities across the country that are committed to protecting public health and coastal ecosystems. This year we’re excited to welcome four new beaches and marinas to the Blue Flag family:










For tourists planning their summer vacations, the Blue Flag can help you find a world-class beaches or marina to visit. When you see a Blue Flag flying, you know that a beach or marina is clean, accessible, meets high safety standards and is sustainably managed. Blue Flag beaches also have excellent water quality for swimming. No matter where you are in the world, Blue Flag offers a consistent standard of excellence.

This summer, check out Blueflag.ca if you’re planning to spend time at a beach or marina. And if you plan on traveling abroad, check out Blueflag.org for a complete list of certified beaches and marinas worldwide. There are thousands to choose from, so why not make the safe and sustainable choice?