Ottawa, ON – The Canadian government’s climate change pledge to the world shows that it continues to ignore both the dangerous risks of climate change and the tremendous opportunities in the clean energy economy. Canada’s opening pledge for the Paris climate summit is the weakest in the G7, and will further cement Canada’s global reputation as a climate laggard.
The United Nations climate summit, scheduled for December in Paris, will finalize a global agreement on climate change that includes all of the world’s countries. Canada was the last G7 country to reveal its Paris pledge, which is called the Intended Nationally Determined Commitments (INDCs).
The Canadian government’s commitment to climate action is weak on three fronts:

Canada’s proposed 2030 target (30 per cent decrease from 2005 levels) is the equivalent of a 14 per cent decrease from 1990 levels, tied with Japan for the weakest in the G7. If met, Canada will take five additional years to reach essentially the same target as the U.S. The E.U., already with per capita emissions well below Canada’s, has a 40 per cent reduction target for 2030, almost three times greater than Canada’s. Ontario announced yesterday that its 2030 target would be 37 per cent below 1990, more than twice as strong as Canada’s.
The Canadian government released some information on how it will reduce emissions but once again ignored the greatest and fastest growing source of carbon emissions — the tar sands. Making progress on climate change in Canada is virtually impossible without addressing this soaring source of pollution.
The Canadian government made no commitment to do its fair share in assisting developing countries to address climate change, which should be 4 per cent of the $100 billion in annual contributions that industrialized countries committed to deliver in 2020. This international climate financing is the linchpin to a successful Paris climate accord.

Canada needs to significantly strengthen its commitments in order to not be left behind in global climate commitments and clean energy opportunities.
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