Toronto, ON – Today’s announcement shows that Ontario is committed to climate action for the long term. Ontario’s 2030 targets are consistent with what the science says is needed, are in step with other leading jurisdictions, and set the bar for other Canadian provinces and the federal government.
Ontario’s announcement follows on the heels of California’s announcement two weeks ago that the state will aim to reduce carbon pollution by 40 per cent from 1990 by 2030. Ontario’s targets will also feed into Canada’s national targets, which the federal government was supposed to table in March, in advance of the UN climate talks to be held in Paris this December.
Long-term carbon reduction targets give companies, residents, and everyone the certainty needed to plan for the long-term. And they’re critical to the design of Ontario’s cap-and-trade system under development, which must also provide certainty for years to come.
Ontario has reduced emissions more than any other Canadian province. That leadership is already paying dividends. Thirty-five per cent of Canada’s clean tech companies are based in Ontario. Today’s announcement will help Ontario capture a larger share of that growing market, which is valued at $6 trillion per year by 2030.
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