Toronto, ON – Today, Scarborough-Guildwood MP John McKay introduced a federal private member’s bill that would ban microbeads in personal care products such as facial scrubs and toothpaste.
We applaud McKay for bringing this issue forward. With this private member’s bill, the Government of Canada joins a growing list of environmental, industry, and government advocates on both sides of the border calling for a ban on these tiny pieces of plastic.
Microbeads are totally unnecessary and are harmful to the environment. Scientists have found millions of microbeads in parts of the Great Lakes. Fish and are other wildlife mistake the beads for food, which absorb toxic chemicals and can cause DNA damage and sometimes even death.
It’s time for the federal government to pass bullet-proof laws that stop companies from adding any kind of plastic to products that end up in our lakes. These laws should come into effect as quickly as possible.
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