Toronto, ON – Ontario’s budget, Building Ontario Up, is also moving Ontario toward a clean economy.
It’s clear from today’s budget that Ontario appreciates the need to address climate change and the economic opportunity presented by the global shift to a low carbon, clean economy. As the budget says, “this is an opportunity that Ontario, with its many strengths, is well positioned to take advantage of.”
From increased floods, ice storms, and extreme weather, climate change is already impacting Ontario’s finances. The budget recognizes that those impacts will only worsen unless climate change is put in check, and the long-term prosperity of the province hinges on taking climate action. We applaud Ontario for committing to addressing this critical issue, and recognize that building Ontario up is also about moving Ontario toward a low-carbon, clean economy.
This budget commits to short-term actions like implementing a cap-and-trade system, continued support for energy conservation and clean energy. And in outlining and dedicating money to an aggressive transit plan, the budget positions Ontario to reduce pollution from transportation, the largest source of greenhouse gasses in Ontario. The plans to electrify the GO network, build regional express rail, and move forward with plans for high-speed rail will help move people out of their cars and reduce pollution, all while creating jobs and economic activity and making our communities and commutes better.
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