Toronto, ON — Today, Toronto’s Executive Committee agreed to support a motion brought forward by Councillor Paul Ainslie that would urge the provincial and federal governments to ban the use of microbeads in personal care products.
Mr. Ainslie will now seek council-wide approval of the motion during the Toronto City Council meeting on May 5th.
We are pleased that attention continues to grow around this serious issue. Microbeads—tiny pieces of plastic found in personal care products—are unnecessary and are harmful to our waterways. Fish and are other wildlife are mistaking the chemical-absorbing plastic for food, which can cause DNA damage and sometimes even death.
Microbeads are slipping past filters at wastewater treatment plants and the only way to stop them from polluting waterways is to not have them in products in the first place.
We deserve waterways that are not full of plastic beads. Several U.S. states and parts of Europe are already taking action to eliminate microbeads from products. It’s time for Canada to do the same and to set clear deadlines for eliminating them from products.
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