Group argues we must if Ontario is to take the lead in global clean technologies
On Feb. 12, the day the Ontario government released a Climate Change Discussion Paper, Environmental Defence, an activist organization that promotes and pressures government on a variety of environmental causes, published a primer arguing that “Ontario’s climate change targets are within reach and sets forth a potential roadmap for meeting them”.
“With the release of Ontario’s Climate Change Discussion Paper, it’s clear that the government recognizes not only the need for urgent climate action, but that doing so can help our economy,” said Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence.
“As our primer shows, Ontario has several tools at its disposal that can reduce carbon pollution and stimulate our economy. Together, these tools can put us on track to meet, even beat, our climate change targets,” said Gray.
The primer, titled Ontario’s Climate Challenge: Getting Back on Track, says if Ontario fails to adopt new carbon reductions policies, it is likely that Ontario will exceed its 2020 target by nearly 20 megatonnes.
After a rigorous study of the latest academic research, the organization believes that if the Ontario government adopts a “multifaceted approach, [the province] could cut its carbon emissions by approximately 22 megatonnes”. It is economically attainable, they argue.
“There’s no silver bullet, but there are opportunities across our economy where we can cut carbon pollution while creating jobs and taking a lead in the global clean economy,” said Gray.
Some of the policy recommendations include “a variety of initiatives [such as] pricing carbon emissions in the transportation and industrial sectors, increasing our commitment to natural gas conservation, reducing our reliance on natural gas-fired electricity, and investing in other opportunities in the agricultural sector and in waste management”.
“With the closure of the coal plants, the introduction of the Green Energy Act, and the creation of the Greenbelt, Ontario has demonstrated past leadership on climate change, and it has reaped the rewards: new jobs, cleaner air, and global leadership. Our primer shows how the province can move to the front of the pack once more,” said Gray.
Environmental Defence describes itself as “Canada’s most effective environmental action organization. We challenge, and inspire change in government, business and people to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all”.…