Toronto, ON – News today that TransCanada will abandon the Cacouna terminal is a major victory for environmental protection in Canada. After months of downplaying clear evidence that the terminal would harm vulnerable wildlife, including endangered Beluga whales, TransCanada finally surrendered to overwhelming public opposition to its original plans for the Energy East mega-pipeline. 
With this move, TransCanada is admitting it was an irresponsible plan to build a giant oil tanker terminal in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. The precious St. Lawrence marine ecosystem, home to 15 species of marine mammals and the bedrock of the local tourism economy, is far more valuable to Canadians than any oil tanker terminal could be.
We have to question what ever made TransCanada think it was a good idea to push forward with a massive oil tanker terminal in Beluga whale habitat. This debacle is indicative of the poor regard this company has for the environment.
Unfortunately, the Cacouna terminal is just one small piece of the much larger Energy East proposal. Today’s news will not blunt the growing opposition to Energy East by Canadians concerned about the pipeline’s risks to our drinking water and our climate.
By scrapping Cacouna, TransCanada would double the significant risks from oil spills into the Bay of Fundy, one of Canada’s great natural wonders. The Energy East proposal would now send all of its 1.1 million barrels of oil per day flowing into Saint John, 90 per cent of which is projected to be exported via tankers. This should be deeply concerning to all Canadians.
The risks of an oil spill are not confined just to these export terminals. A rupture anywhere along the 4,600 kilometres of proposed pipeline would be a disaster. TransCanada should abandon the rest of its risky Energy East proposal.
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